Artist Photo
Viktor G. Tsyplakov

Viktor Grigorevich Tsyplakov was born 1915, in Burminki, the province of Ryazan. He began his studies in art from 1927-1931 with G.S. Glebov and Taganrog. In 1932 he went on to study at the OGIZ Polygraphic Institute in Moscow. From 1936 to 1942 he studied at the Moscow Art Institute (the Surikov). He studied at the Surikov under the professors G.M. Shegal, V.V. Pochitalov, S.V. Gerasimov, Grabar and D.K. Mochalskii. In 1939, while still attending the Institute, he began to actively exhibit in Moscow. He attended graduate school at the Surikov from 1942 to 1944. Tsyplakov is well known for his thematic works, his genre paintings, as well as landscapes and portraits. He was invited to teach at the Surikov Institute in 1948/49. He taught at the Surikov until his death. In 1957 he became head teacher of a studio at the Surikov. In 1962 he established his own studio at the Surikov. All of his students received the title Peoples Atist of Russia. As a professor at the Surikov he trained the world famous Vyacheslav Zabelin. In 1965 he became a Soviet Academician. He was one of the few artists given official permission to do a sketch of Stalin from death in 1953. He was famous throughout the Soviet Union for the following paintings: Gorky on the Volga, 1945; B.E. Lenin, 1947; and Depos Zoi Kosmodyemyanskoi, 1945. He participated in the creation of the eminently important state commission of the painting Leading Individuals in the Kremlin along with V.P. Efanovii, S.I. Dudnik, and Y.P. Kugach. Viktor Tsyplakov died in Moscow in 1986.

Awards:(partial list)

•Active Contributor to Art in the Russian Republic, 1965
•Honored Worker of Arts of RSFSR
•Laureate of State Prizes of the Soviet Union
•Leading Young Painter, 1940's -1950's
•Member-Correspondent of the Academy of Artists of the Soviet Union, 1967
•National Artist of the Russian Federation of the Soviet Union, 1975
•People's Artist of RSFSR
•Stalin Prize, 1949 & 1950

Exhibitions:(partial list)

1946, 1947, 1949, 1951 & 1955, All-Union Art Exhibition, Moscow

1956, 1986, 2007, Solo-exhibition, Moscow

1960, Soviet Russia, Moscow

Collections:(partial list)

Golden Plus Gallery, Moscow
    Village Interior,   1949, Oil on Panel, 35.5 x 23.5 cm

Historical Museum, Moscow
    Lenin in Smolny,   1947,

Private Collection
    Facing a Firing Squad,   mid-1940's,
    After the Working Day,   1954,
    Son,   1946,

State Russian Museum

The Russian Museum, Leningrad
    Portrait of the Writer Leonid Leonov,   1949, Oil on Canvas, 90 x 120 cm

The Soviet Collection of Artists of the USSR

Tretyakov Gallery
    Leading People of Moscow in the Kremlin (brigade work),   1949,

Books:(partial list)
1998  —  Socialist Realist Painting, by Matthew Cullerne Bown, pp.211 & 239  —  Facing a Firing Squad, V.I. Lenin (Lenin in Smolny)